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QSET Quartz Glass Firebowl including base and lid



This is the QFlame product complete with stainless steel lid and base. The Qflame is also sold separately.

offers a stylish outdoor fire and light element that compliments perfectly your Pepe Garden Furniture.

The QFlame glass fire bowl consists of 100% highly purified quartz glass. The properties of this untreated material merge the power and heat with the beauty of fire. The rough, opaque outer surface breaks the light of the flame and diffuses it. Consequently the fire bowl lights up in an even orange and red to thus create a relaxed and comforting atmosphere.

The smooth, inside surface of the glass fire bowl is easy to clean. It is resistant to heat up to a temperature of 1,300°C and suitable primarily for use with well dried wood (see FAQs).

QSet is available at diameters of 50, 56, 64 and 71 cm.  All are supplied with a weather cover.

QSet is also available without the base and lid - see the QFlame Standalone Product. The stainless steel base and lid is also available as an after purchase.

Original material
Quartz glass is mainly produced from natural sand. The special purity (99.998% silicon dioxide) is found only in a few places on earth. At
very high temperatures and through hot chemical processes and under clean room conditions, this valuable natural raw material is
prepared for our fire bowls.

In the production of our fire bowls, natural crystalline sand is melted under extremely high temperatures (>3,000°C) in quartz glass.
Under protective gas, the sand is melted layer by layer in a graphite crucible with a short electric arc. During this process, even the smallest chemical anomalies soften and become visible as very small (<2mm) dots in our fire bowls. These do not affect the temperature resistance and strength of the glass, rather they show the natural origin of this product.

Our fire bowls are manufactured in a particularly environmentally friendly way. This is achieved by the self-insulating function of the quartz sand. While the sand is melted in the mold, the outer layer provides permanent insulation. This saves a considerable amount of energy. This effect also provides the beautiful marbling on the outer wall of our fire bowls. Following the melting process, the rim is cut straight and provided with a protective phase. After a final quality control, the fire bowls are packed in a break-proof manner and then make their way to you.

Quality features
Fire bowls from QFlame offer you safety. Due to a bevel on the edge of the fire bowl, no cuts are to be feared. We still recommend wearing cut-resistant gloves due to the weight and in the unlikely event of a breakage. You get a beautiful fire polished surface on the inside of your bowl. This allows for easy cleaning even with stubborn dirt. The special properties of quartz glass allow the use of even the harshest cleaning agents. Please note that quartz glass is comparable to normal glass in terms of breaking strength. Wooden sheaths should therefore always be carefully placed in the bowl and the bowl should be protected from flying objects.

Temperature fluctuations do not affect your fire bowl. Without any special measures, you can operate it even in winter.

QSet 50  
∅ 50 cm h 37 cm t 10 mm Gw 25 kg

QFlame 56
∅ 56 cm h 39 cm  t 10 mm Gw 29 kg

QFlame 64
∅ 64 cm h 45 cm t 12 mm Gw 32 kg

QFlame 71
∅ 71 cm, h 50 cm t 15 mm Gw 38 kg

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