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Product Information

Product Information

Ergonomically Designed Comfortable Seats

The shape gives support in the lumbar region of the back which combines with the roll shape at the front of the seat giving extra comfort. The Elli Chair has undergone extensive testing for the ergonomics and solid form of construction by FIRA and we are proud to receive an ergonomics excellence award. Existing customers include the National Health Service, National Trust, Wetlands Trust, NFU, MOD, Four Seasons Health Care, Government Agencies, British Waterways and the BBC as well as many thousands of private homes.

Low maintenance and all year round use giving extra value 

The factory pressure treatment applied prevents wood rot for 20 years or more. The timber only requires a general feed with wood preservative every two or three years to prevent drying out. The furniture may be left outside all year round replacing the natural moistures during the winter months that are drawn from the wood during the summertime. In this way customers will benefit from the extra use of the products in fair weather outside the normal summer season. At the time of purchase full assembly instructions and maintenance advice are provided.


Selected Scandinavian Redwood (Pinus Sylvestris)

This timber is grown in the cold harsh Scandinavian climate and is slower grown material than that produced in the UK and other temperate zones. The slow growth produces a dense easily machinable material which will last for up to 20 years in the UK with some simple maintenance.

Weather protected metal fixtures and fittings 

All made to a high specification hot dipped galvanised, stainless steel or zinc coated for durability in an outside environment.