Care And Maintenance Of Your Pepe Garden Furniture

We recommend that our products are left outside all year round as natural moistures which are drawn out of the wood in summer and replaced in the winter months.

Scandinavian redwood timber

The timber used is high grade Scandinavian Redwood (Pinus Sylvestris) which is pressure impregnated during manufacture to protect the wood from rot or decay over a long period of twenty years or more. The timber is certified under the PEFC (BMT-PEFC-0020) certification scheme. As the wood is slow grown in a harsh climatic area compared to the UK or other temperate zones the result produces a dense and easily machinable timber. The factory treatment complies with EU regulations and requirements under BS EN599 using either Tanalith E or Wolmanite CX containing copper and organic azoles which become fixed on impregnation giving long term protection to the timber.

Advice to customers regarding initial treatment to new furniture

The unprecedented weather conditions that the UK has been subjected to for the last decade of summers have caused us to re-evaluate the advice given to our purchasers. 2012 was the wettest summer for over 100 years interspersed with periods of warmth and dryness have resulted in considerably more water ingress into the timber followed by egress when the timber has dried out. We have been in consultation with a specialist timber protection company and have jointly produced a new preparation based on wax resin in the white spirit. The material soaks straight into new timber reducing but not eliminating the ingress of moisture considerably and at the same time bringing out a rich appearance in the grain of the timber. We are supplying a free tin (size dependent on order size) of this new preparation to all purchasers of furniture from now on but not to purchasers of add on or accessory type items. What we would recommend to our purchasers is that they apply this material as soon as the products first go outside. Having been stored for some months in the dry ambient temperature warehouse the first exposure can be something of a shock to the structure of the timber which will benefit considerably from receiving an immediate coating. The most important part to cover with a generous coating is all the top upward facing surfaces (ie the table top, chair, swing and all other seating parts and arms). Only use what remains to cover the underside parts. The most efficient application is by brush and this also allows to get the material between the seat slats. Only apply one coat as any second coat will not absorb or dry. If you plan to paint or stain the furniture then do not apply the material as other products will not absorb or adhere to the timber or the top of the Furniture Protector.

Timber maintenance

We recommend that the products are left outside all year round as natural moistures which are drawn out of the wood in summer are then replaced in the wetter winter months. The products timber requires some ongoing treatment to maintain the protection and longevity of the wood and this is recommended every two or three years. This can be done more regularily if preferred or if the furniture is in a coastal or exposed position. Pepe Furniture Protector has been developed for this specific purpose and is colourless. It is designed to protect the wood and repel moisture and reduce the appearance of the natural shake cracks that may appear in the wood. Application is easy by brush or sponge and the wood oil comes with full instructions. Autumn is a good time to carry this work out whilst the timber is dry after summer time and will easily absorb the wood oil. The 1 litre tin is sufficient for either size of swing, rocking chairs or sunbeds. The 2.5litre tin is sufficient for either a 4 or 6 person table setting. The product can be sent by post or delivered with other items.


Swing Canopies ~ Mesh - PVC coated polyester can be washed or scrubbed with warm soapy water and rinsed by hose. Swing Canopies ~ Fabric – Olefin 100% polypropylene can be washed with warm soapy water and rinsed by hose. Cushions / Scatter Cushions / Cushion Pads - Olefin 100% polypropylene can be washed with warm soapy water and rinsed by hose. PARASOLS Covers - can be washed on a 40° delicate wash short cycle but must be put back onto the frame and stretched whilst wet. When dried out it can be resprayed with Scotchgard.

Parasol frames

These should not be left outside in winter and should be stored in a dry place. The original packaging supplied is ideal for storage.