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Extending Oval Party Tops for Amelia 145 x 100 cm Table



Amelia Everyday Table with Extending Oval Party Tops

Designed not to take up too much space when in everyday use but making a very sociable shape for those special party gatherings.

The Amelia Everyday Table measures Length 145cm by 100cm wide by 71cm high. This fits four Elli Chairs between the legs but can easily accommodate up to six adults as the 100cm width is enough for two people at either end. There are two options for the chairs, either the Elli Chair Static Model or the more popular Elli Flipleg Chair that sits upright in a dining position or adjusts back into a more relaxed after dinner position. Solidly constructed using dense pressure treated Scandinavian Redwood and all weather fittings. The seats are an ergonomic shape for lumbar support.

There is a 50mm parasol hole in the centre.

The Oval Extending leaves slot into the underframe of the Everyday Table. They are only 120mm in depth so can be stored flat indoors or outdoors flat or upright.

With the Party tops sliding into the 145cm side it now makes the overall size 254cm by 145cm by 71cm high. This can then accommodate between 10 and 12 people depending on the chair size. 

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